Intekhab Pakistan

We are offering  an exclusive solution to the election commission of Pakistan. All the primary  technologies have been developed indigenously and the system has been fully customized to Pakistan's unique environment. We have named our solution " Intikhaab Pakistan". It’s a simple, secure and transparent solution for electronic voting in Pakistan.


Main Features

Our elite teams at the R&D lab have deployed state-of-the art technologies to develop our EVMs. Our machines fully adhere with the specifications proposed by the Election Commission of Pakistan.


Our EVM system includes:


· Control Unit

o Can be used for up to 128 candidates

o Used for controlling the balloting process by presiding officer

o Manages the flow of information

o Displays results electronically at the end of the polling exercise

· Ballot Unit

o Each balloting unit has the capability of supporting 16 candidates

o Performs dynamic coding logic before sending data to enhance machine security


· Printer

o Prints receipt after the vote has been casted

o Can print all of ECP's election symbols

o Prints in Local languages

o Capable of working in a range of robust climatic conditions

· Data Cable

o Ensures reliable and secure transfer of data from Ballot unit to the control unit

o 5 Meter long

o Ensures voter-vote disassociation

· Power Supply

o Supports 18 hours of operations

o Independent source

o Widely and easily available