An Automated Testing Solution


COMSCAN is R&D lab’s flagship product. It is basically an Optical Mark Reader ( OMR). In simplest words, it is a kind of an input device, which reads the written marks from a paper and records that information in a computer.

How does it work

It takes marked sheets as an input. Its most common use is in tests and surveys. In case of tests, a “bubble answer sheet” is fed to the OMR. This answer sheet contains the students personal information such as the roll number, name, date, etc. It also contains the answers to Multiple Choice Questions. One answer sheet can accommodate as much as 125 questions.  The OMR than scans the stack of answer sheets with the speed of 120 pages in 1 minute. 
This data is transferred to the connected computer. The computer has the OMR application running. This data is stored in the computer memory. Once the OMR software has this information, it can perform the statistical analysis and provide the information in multiple meaningful formats, such as the overall class distribution, overall subject-wise histograms, college-wise  graphs, etc. The OMR software also allows historical comparison of information so that the progress of a student, subject or a college can be tracked over time.

Main Features

  1. Fast Paper Scanning
  2. Precise,Accurate and Simple
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Integrated with Result generation software application
  5. Full technical support

Nation Wide Objective exam conducted simultaneously