Tripod Turnstile Gate

Controlled Access Tripod turnstile gate is our cost effective prototype project developed for Comsat Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) Islamabad. This project is designed for controlling the orderly flow of foot traffic in corporate settings such as banks, offices, embassies and museums.
Available in stainless cabinet, our waist high turnstile gate is engineered to meet the most demanding security and control requirements. It is integrated with biometrics and can be integrated with card reader systems as per requirements of our client.
CIIT had earlier invited quotations for 4 Turnstile gates. The lowest price quoted for a single turnstile gate was Rupees 4.5 lac.  R&D Lab has indigenously developed a prototype turnstile gate and has offered the purchased section the supply of 4 turnstile gates @ Rupees 70 K per gate. 
Prototype unit of this project has been demonstrated to the concerned officers of CIIT and they have appreciated this project. As per their suggestion, the prototype unit will be installed in the entrance of girl’s hostel for field testing.