Smart Traffic Control System


Traffic congestion is a major problem in many cities of Pakistan along with other countries.Failures of signals,unnecessary waiting time,poor law enforcement and bad traffic management has lead to traffic congestion.In order to overcome this problem we have designed and developed a Smart Traffic Control System which improves traffic efficiency  by reducing time latency.Our system provides signal timing based on traffic density.It uses MQTT protocol for signal transferring between clients and server.


1. Minimize waiting time.
2. Optimize traffic flow.
3. Reduce environmental pollution caused by congested traffic.
4. Counting density of vehicles  when the signal light is green.
5. Reduce the possibilities of traffic jams.
6. Reduce fuel consumption.
Complete system of Automative traffic control system separated in the following stages:


  • Image Acquisition
  • Image Pre-processing
  • Morphological Processing
  • Count no of vehicles
  • MQTT protocol
  • Send signal


  Block Diagram: