Prof. Waqar Haider Bokhari

Professional Summary:

I can fly because I know that I can fly. These words have been Prof Waqar's inspiration throughout his life. He is one of the founders of the R&D lab and the main driving force behind its current growth and achievements. Prof Bokhari's work can be categorized into three main branches: Academia, Research and Industry. He has always believed in the transfer of knowledge from class room to the lab and the transfer of technology from the lab benches to the factory floor. His objective throughout his career has been to turn the promise of science into practical, producible products. He believes that a scientist can do justice with his profession only when all his efforts and all his struggles culminate into useful applications for the society.

 Prof Bokhari is a prolific researcher, with ten research papers in international journals, and numerous research presentations in international and national conferences. He has supervised over sixty undergraduate research projects. He has also held the prestigious position of the chairman of electronics department of University of Peshawar for a period of six years. Following his zeal for 'real products', he has developed world's fastest optical mark reader. Moreover, he designed and installed electronic scoreboard in sports stadiums, and flight information display boards for Pakistani airports. He also provided a full time consultancy for five years to textile industry, benefitting the industry with remote loom monitoring system and innovative methods for drastic reductions in losses and costs. His current areas of interest include alternate energy solutions, micro-processor based system design, electronic voting systems, and GSM based remote monitoring and control systems. In his leisure time he enjoys mentoring upcoming young, talented scientists and engineers. Presently he is working in collaboration with two pretigeous universities of UK and Pakistan in development of Solar Thermal Energy systems and waste to Energy Management Prrocesses.